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Blog Alert! Tea Time at Annick Press Posts about Finding the Right Illustrator

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In the Tea Time at Annick Press blog, the creative director of Annick Press, Sheryl Shapiro, tells the story of how she found the right illustrator for an upcoming book called It?s a Feudal, Feudal World: A Different Medieval History (available in the fall). She explains, ?Choosing an illustrator for a book is like casting for a movie. You feel more confident if you?ve seen something they?ve acted in before.? For this medieval history book, she chose humorous cartoonist Ross Kinnaird, a resident of Auckland, New Zealand, a choice that would be sure to ?surprise and challenge? the audience.

Having worked with illustrators from all over the world and never meeting them in person, Sheryl also describes working with illustrators, explaining that it?s relatively easy to work with people using the Internet. This time, however, she had the opportunity to meet with Ross in New Zealand. She adds that she?s hopeful that she will get to meet more of Annick?s illustrators in the future.

Please head over to the blog to read more about Sheryl Shapiro?s journey to finding an illustrator.

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