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NOTICED: A Handbook for Publishers of the Future

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NOTICED: Hugh McGuire, one half of one of the most read interviews ever on Open Book is behind the release of an intriguing new handbook.

Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto: Essays from the bleeding edge of publishing, a handbook for publishers of the future, has been recently released by O’Reilly Media. It was built on the new, simple book production platform, Edited by PressBooks founder Hugh McGuire, and long-time publishing thinker and doer, Brian O’Leary, it contains essays from leading practitioners in the trenches of books & technology, including Liza Daly, Craig Mod, and Laura Dawson.

Says the book’s co-editor, Brian O’Leary: “We wanted to bring together resources that would be immediately useful to publishers and future publishers as they make decisions in their everyday life about how to approach the making of books. It’s a kind of handbook you’d want to give someone who is starting a publishing house today.”

Adds Hugh McGuire, “We really wanted to get beyond the abstract, and take a look at some things that are happening right now, some real technologies and real projects that are shaping publishing. It’s meant to be practical and applicable right now, as publishers prepare themselves for the digital future.”

* You can read it online (for free) here:

* You can buy the book here:

* You can find out more about PressBooks here:

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