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Canadian-owned and grown in the historic Ottawa Valley, General Store Publishing House has 30 years of experience publishing over 900 titles for the enjoyment of millions of readers worldwide.

Established in 1981 by Tim Gordon, GSPH began in the bohemian hamlet of Burnstown, Ontario. A former distributor for Canonnbooks, Tim drew on his vast-reaching territory from Kingston to Deep River to respond to the contemporary appeal for Ottawa Valley titles.

Tim housed the publishing operation in his former general store; for simplicity’s sake, he kept the name. Collaborating with author Joan Finnigan, he published Giants of Canada’s Ottawa Valley, immediately selling 5,000 copies. The demand for local interest stories had found a niche.

Due to the technological impasse of operations in a valley, GSPH moved shop to Renfrew, Ontario, in 2002. Creative Bound was purchased in 2010, adding prestigious authors Mark Cook and Dr. Terry Orlick to the fold. The present GSPH team has retained the historic general store as their logo to remember their roots while forging ahead into the digital future of the book trade.

Selling over a million copies, titles like the famous Gas-Barbecue Cookbook have created a platform for its thriving multi-faceted publishing firm. In addition to Ottawa Valley history, GSPH publishes titles in virtually every genre from sports and self-help to award-winning fiction and non-fiction, such as Terrence Rundle West’s Run of the Town and Jane Hall’s The Red Wall.

GSPH is proud to offer a variety of titles that suit your lifestyle. And are always looking for fresh authors to join their formidable roster.

Contributed by Chrissy Shannon

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General Store Publishing House
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