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Mississauga's Bookmark: Jeff Latosik

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About the Bookmark

On September 30, 2011 the City of Mississauga become home to a plaque commemorating the poet Jeff Latosik. This permanent installation displays the entire text from Latosik’s poem “Song for the Field Behind Mississauga Valley Public School” from his Trillium award-winning collection Tiny, Frantic, Stronger (published by Insomniac Press).

The installation marks the seventh in the Project Bookmark Canada initiative, a charity that aims to permanently place text from Canadian works of poetry and fiction in the exact location described within the passage.

Latosik and Mississauga’s Ward 4 Councillor Frank Dale unveiled the Bookmark along the footpath on the east end of Mississauga Valleys Park behind the Valleys Senior Public School in the Cooksville negibourhood. When asked about the Bookmark, Director of Culture, Susan Burt said, "infusing our city with public art, such as this Bookmark, contributes to shaping our identity and the unique character of our city as we continue to move forward into the 21st century.”

Latosik spoke of his delight with seeing his poem commemorated as a Bookmark, remembering his twice-daily walk through the field to and from school and saying “I'm glad that someone can come to this seemingly commonplace area and maybe spend a few moments pondering it.” Miranda Hill, founder of Project Bookmark Canada, echoed Jeff’s sentiments when she imagined a kid pausing at the plaque on their way home from school and thinking, “Yes, I have a story too.”

About Mississauga and Cooksville

The City of Mississauga is located in Southern Ontario in the Regional Municipality of Peel, west of Toronto.
In the 18th and early 19th centuries, most of what would be present-day Mississauga was agricultural land sprinkled with small villages and served by a railway line. Mississauga was founded in 1974, making it a relatively young city.

The Cooksville area of Mississauga was an important stage coach stop during the city’s early period and boasts having the first licensed tavern (the historic Cooksville House) in the area, opened in 1829.

The area is now largely residential and the sixth largest city in Canada, but still has much to offer both residents and visitors alike in terms of cultural fare. The city has three historical buildings/museums open to the public, The Living Arts Centre is a wonderful place to see theatre, dance, musical performances and the like and the Art Gallery of Mississauga is located in the Civic Centre.

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Mississauga's Bookmark: Jeff Latosik
Mississauga's Bookmark: Jeff Latosik