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Winners Announced for the Book Week 2012 Writing Contest

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The Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) has announced the winners o the Book Week 2012 Writing Contest for Kids and Teens.

The winner from each grade will receive a $250 gift certificate for the bookstore of his or her choice. Two honourable mentions from each grade category will also receive $50 gift certificates.

Mom's the Word: Tips and Confessions from Writing Mothers

by Erin Knight

Writers and mothers have their hands thick with the putty of becoming and creating. These two roles so essentially shape one's identity that it can be difficult to understand how they can co-exist within one body — even if we set aside for a moment (assuming we have one) the very practical concern of time and energy. "I never thought anything could matter more, be so essential to who I am, as being a writer," says Camilla Gibb, author of The Beauty of Humanity Movement and the Trillium-Award winning Sweetness in the Belly. "And then I became a mother. It matters so much more."

On Writing, with JC Sulzenko

Writer and workshop coordinator JC Sulzenko talks to Open Book about writing about Alzheimer’s disease, encouraging kids to ignore their "inner little critic" and turning her one-act play into the book What My Grandma Means to Say (General Store Publishing House).

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