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Blog Alert: What Matters

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Ontario poet Pearl Pirie has posted a fascinating and beautiful diary entry on her blog, which records her meditations on the landscape around her and her place within it. Here is an excerpt:

"Brainfog is demoralizing because I know I can do better, because I have. No, more accurately, it?s demoralizing because it?s an unfair comparison; each day is what it is. Jumping on myself will only practice making myself more jumpy. I have to direct compassion towards myself and cultivate a curiosity not a punishment-attitude.

"By getting snippety at myself I?ll only thicken the fog. It?s defensive by nature, a white flag indicating something amiss. Maybe its the aftershadow of nightmare that lowers function. Maybe its caffeine-drop, or hunger. Maybe its a storm system coming thru the joints. It?s a flag to say pay attention and see what?s going on. Maybe there?s no cause I can see."

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