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Dinner Between the Shelves with Project Bookmark Canada

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You might have been to a book launch at a bookstore, but what about dinner between the shelves?

On September 24th, the literary charity Project Bookmark Canada is holding a special dinner at Toronto's beautiful Ben McNally Books to raise funds for its 13th Bookmark: Carol Shields' The Republic of Love.

Miranda Hill, founder and executive director of the charity, says that the event will celebrate Carol as a writer and a person. "We're honored to be joined by Eleanor Wachtel of CBC's Writers & Company and Anne Collins of Knopf Random Publishing Group, who was Carol's editor. It's an unusual opportunity to sit down to dinner with two people who can talk about Carol as a writer and a friend. Ticket holders will get an up-close and personal look at the author — professionally and personally."

Only 50 seats will be sold and every guest will go home with a book. Tickets are $150 and can be purchased by contacting Miranda Hill at [email protected]

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