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The Dirty Dozen, with Diane Allwood Egerton

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Diane Allwood Egerton, a resident of Stratford, is the author of Artist and Aristocrat: The Life and Work of Lady Mabel Annesley, 1881-1959 (Ulster Historical Foundation), a biography about a renowned Anglo-Irish artist and wood engraver. Today Diane takes on the Open Book Dirty Dozen, which gives authors the chance to share 12 unexpected facts about themselves. In this interview, she reveals details about herself that extend beyond her love of the Irish spirit. These include her numerous musical talents, her knowledge of dog breeds and her positive outlook on being married twice.

Diane Allwood Egerton's Dirty Dozen

1. My fear of public speaking is my greatest fear; the fear of public writing is nil.

2. I have been married twice: practice makes perfect.

3. Do I dye my hair? Only my hairdresser, and now you, knows for sure.

4. I played flute in my high school band.

5. I have sung in a church choir since I was seven, and even had a solo once.

6. I sing alto, but am a secret soprano.

7. I was the Grade nine mathematics winner, but still went on to study English — go figure.

8. I am frugal, but Oriental carpets are my big weakness.

9. My knowledge of dog breeds is quite extensive, since the time when I was my mother's "dogsbody" for her Sheltie kennels.

10. I was a prepubescent reader of Fanny Hill, when it was still banned.

11. I am a born-again Christian and still an Anglican.

12. Though I am a writer, my greatest love is reading, albeit research reading.

Diane Allwood Egerton was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1954. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, she went on to work as a freelance editor and writer. Her first book, Artist and Aristocrat: The Life and Work of Lady Mabel Annesley, 1881-1959, was published at the Ulster Historical Foundation, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She currently lives in Stratford. Read more about Diane at Stratford Authors.

For more information about Artist and Aristocrat: The Life and Work of Lady Mabel Annesley, 1881-1959 please visit the Ulster Historical Foundation.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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