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The Fish Quill Poetry Boat Interview Series, with Asa Boxer

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Looking for a new and unique literary experience? Look no further than the Fish Quill Poetry Boat Tour, a series featuring six Canadian poets who embark on a reading tour via (you guessed it) canoe. The tour runs from August 4-13 with a launch in Toronto and various stops through southwestern Ontario.

Open Book is thrilled to be featuring interviews with several of the talented poets from the tour. Today we speak with Asa Boxer, author of Skullduggery (Signal Editions).

You can also visit Open Book's event listing for the tour. And stay tuned for more interviews with the fabulous FQPB poets!

Open Book:

Tell us why you decided to become involved with the Fish Quill Poetry Boat tour.

Asa Boxer:

The Fish Quill project provides a unique opportunity to engage with fellow poets in a cooperative spirit. The poetry scene can be a very competitive arena. On the Fish Quill Tour, you get to leave all that behind and help each other through a rigorous 10 days of discovery and camaraderie.


What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to this unique approach to the public reading?


I see no disadvantages to this model of public reading other than the traveller?s relatively disheveled and homeless appearance (and smell) after paddling all day and setting up camp.


What?s the best advice about public readings you have ever received?


Get behind your work like an actor, as though it were your job to deliver it well.


Tell us one or two of the best outdoors/exploration/wildlife-themed books you?ve read (we?re getting in the mood for the tour!).


Crow by Ted Hughes.

Asa Boxer's first book was The Mechanical Bird (Signal Editions, 2007). Among his awards is the 2004 CBC/enRoute poetry competition, and the 2007 Canadian Author?s Association Poetry Award. He lives in Montreal.

For more information about Skullduggery please visit the Coach House website.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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