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Gift a C.H.I.P. Membership for the Holidays!

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Gifting books can be tricky indeed. Luckily, this year, Coach House has your back with its C.H.I.P. (Coach House Important Person) program.

It works a bit like a subscription; C.H.I.P.s will receive six books of their choosing (print and electronic editions available) semi-annually in the mail with free shipping and no tax, plus:

1. 15% off additional book orders.
2. 4 Coach House commemorative pins.
3. Coach House spring and fall catalogues mailed to you.
4. A variety of Coach House ephemera and postcards.
5. A free tour of the Coach House premises. They'll even schedule a couple of special tour days throughout the year just for C.H.I.P.s!
6. A Coach House VIP card that entitles you to other special offers (a card that we are assured is "totally boss" by the way).

What does this magical card cost? Only $10 a month or, if you pay all at once, save $10 off the fee and receive a free mystery book.

Finally, if you buy this before December 31, you, the gift-giver, will also receive 25% off your next Coach House purchase.

Interested? Contact Heidi at heidi[at]chbooks[dot]com!

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