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essentials for android phone rooting

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We will install the system by selecting the partition that you had previously prepared. When you have finished, if we, to install GRUB as the boot loader to be able to select one of the desktop operating system of our favorite and Android, you requested it. It is installed say yes, there is no boot loader, there is no installation of a shared space of GNU / Linux and Windows, in this case, already, because we needed a boot loader, we, we, "No" If you have a computer. I'll make sure the system R / w options are displayed. You can customize and install the application, for example, we will respond.

When you have finished, and then restart the computer. After you take all the news in the Android4.4 operating system up-to-date was finally announced a new version 4.5.9 sale in Spain, the Xiaomi MI3 of MIUI WCDMA / CDMA, lasting only a few hours, a layer of user-defined is KitKat and, New MIUI4.5.9 of Xiaomi MI3 is 4.4.2 overview KitKat manage resources and security that not only re-style, the arrival of Android has been enhanced, and increase fluency device considered to be the most reliable of the developers until now .

MiCloud services such as graphs, browser, calendar, new features such as an application and many other e-mail account is given in the user interface to the next. Xiaomi MIUI is the behavior of the demo video product updates official 4.5.9 as stated at Rootpwn of MI3, and downloads. Then we will leave the official list of changes of Xiaomi MIUI4.5.9 MI3 with features that have been enhanced with all the latest features. Posting Improvement: If you click on the URL of MMS, you can display the pop-up warnings Bug fix: When the qye message becomes MiCloud valid, and solve the problem of the application crashes.

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