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how to jailbreak ipad 2

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The folder "Utilities" has served to put there app that I use only occasionally, I do not want to know or where they are located, is that I have and am looking for in the search bar of iOS and I forget the topic . I used to have another app called "never" I've taken this week, it had the Apple App that plays and remove leaves but I ended up deciding it better to have only one folder and get a more on-screen App. Some examples are: Evernote Food, which I will devote an entire article how to jailbreak ipad 2; I use the Instagram when I remember; or own iOS Voice Memo, which is the currently recorded interviews if I get the other person physically.

As you see you follow a set of rules which when placed each App, the most used in day to day at the bottom, with the important information I search in the area above. On the left side I think the content or I have to get organized and mainly the right to consultation. Besides that they are also arranged in lines, if you look for the line beginning with Evernote then have the English dictionary, which seek a word having doubts when I read in English, the following application is Documents, where I have stored many documents and last iMindMap, mind Mapping App for consultants where I want to do and the steps or related topics.

Which begins with the Polar App that is the one that I play sports, then I have Weather Pro where I check the days you'll do sport and if they are more appropriate for jogging or biking. The following is the Withings, where I look at the steps taken each day, distance traveled, sleep and so on. Shut that row of the Apps Podcast, which only hear when I play sports. You see all related. The next row is the one of the pictures, the only folder that I have, and iTV Shows Google+, App leisure are all I use from time to time and has no value itself. These are my app, as you can see are but few really know well and feel very comfortable with them.

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