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iMindMap: An App mind map, I started using it for years in the iPad version and now I'm using the iPhone for two various reasons, including the main one is because my daughter has appropriated the iPad and I can not touch it. Another reason is that I use it mainly to review the mind map I'm doing and start thinking about what I'll do next. Mind maps created them from the iMac because it is the only convenient way to do it. ING Direct: The application of my bank, I do not need further explanation heh, heh.

iTV Shows: A Bookmarking App series that I'm watching and watched episodes. There comes a time when I am not clear if I skipped an episode or even season's series of I miss you and I have them all is well controlled. Central Zone The folder "Utilities" has served to put there app that I use only occasionally, I do not want to know or where they are located, is that I have and am looking for in the search bar of iOS and I forget the topic . I used to have another app called "never" I've taken this week, it had the Apple App that plays and remove leaves but I ended up deciding it better to have only one folder and get a more on-screen App.

Some examples are: Evernote Food, which I will devote an entire article; I use the Instagram when I remember; or own iOS Voice Memo, which is the currently recorded interviews if I get the other person physically. Recent nuances in the order of the App As you see you follow a set of rules which when placed each App, the most used in day to day at the bottom whatsapp spy software , with the important information I search in the area above. On the left side I think the content or I have to get organized and mainly the right to consultation.

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