25th Trillium Award

Two events

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The Poetry Month poetry events have been proliferating exponentially, rodent-style. Each night I go to sleep (or don?t, as the case may be), and by morning another five/twenty-five/one hundred twenty-five have appeared.

No matter how much peanut butter I used, it would be impossible to get them all on this blog at once. Plus, it would be a mess. So, scrap that plan. Here is one event that everyone within hitchhiking distance of Toronto should go to: Lisa Robertson in conversation with Aisha Sasha John at the Arts and Letters Club on Monday.

To paraphrase: the personification of the Office for Soft Architecture herself talks to the author of The Shining Material amidst some very nice architecture and presumably also some nice upholstery, of varying degrees of firmness, softness, and shininess, only one day after the ascension of Christ. Need I say more?

Plus, it is a good chance to suggest to the fine people of the Arts and Letters club that they modify their fees so that actual artists and letter-folk can join. (The Lisa Robertson event, however, is free.)

The other event everyone should participate in is not, strictly speaking, poetry-related, but nor is it strictly for people in Toronto (you win some, you lose some). It is an excellent idea and an excellent, necessary cause and, if you need another reason, an excellent solution for the blank spot on the wall above your sofa.

Art for Derek sells work by art superstars (David Altmejd, Shary Boyle) to raise money for the acclaimed writer and book artist Derek McCormack, who needs to fund expensive cancer treatment. Be generous and greedy in equal measure!

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