Rose Ricciardelli

Rose Ricciardelli is an Assistant Professor and the Coordinator of Criminology in the Department of Sociology, at Memorial University. She earned her PhD in Sociology at McMaster University in 2009. She has published in a range of academic journals including: British Journal of Criminology, Theoretical Criminology, Sex Roles, Criminal Justice Review, Canadian Review of Sociology, Canadian Journal of Sociology, Journal of Crime and Justice, Journal of Gender Studies, The Prison Journal, and Journal of Criminal Justice Education.Her first book, released in the spring of 2014, entitled ‘Surviving Incarceration: Inside Canadian Prisons’ explores the realities of penal living for federally incarcerated men in Canada. She also has an edited collection being released in 2014/2015 that looks at imprisonment globally.

Ricciardelli is involved in a social enterprise project that supports desistance from crime by offering hands-on employment experience to persons released on parole. She also remains active in working with provincial correctional officers, researching their role as peace offers and the impact of legislative changes on the conditions of confinement in which they work/live. Most notably, her major research pastime is her work in partnership with B division of the RCMP. This project is aimed at addressing youth needs as victims and/or perpetrators of crime and the ways youth are policed. Nonetheless, always a gender scholar, her primary research interests include experiences and issues within different facets of the criminal justice system. Her current research looks at policing and youth, prison culture, desistance, and the coping strategies, risk perception and lived experiences of prisoners, correctional officers and police officers. She also continues to research wrongful convictions and is an advocate for positive change.