Arts and Letters Club (St. George's Hall)

Housed in Toronto's old St. George's Hall - where it moved in 1920 - the Arts and Letters club was founded in 1908 by journalist Augustus Bridle as a private club that invited (and embraced ) artists from many discplines: musicians, architects, actors, and a few more in between. 

The majestic St. George’s Hall at 14 Elm Street resembles a baronial castle. Built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, similar to Toronto’s Old City Hall, its massive stone base, turrets, and the Roman arch above the entrance hearken back to the days of Mediaeval knights.

Referenced in Terry Murray's Faces on Places for its stone carvings of St. George slaying the dragons, the Arts and Letters Club building is a fascinating stop for anyone looking to study the old architecture found in the great city of Toronto. 

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