Old City Hall - Toronto

One of the City of Toronto's most prominent structures and a designated National Historic Site, Old City Hall was home to city council from 1899 to 1966. Built over a ten-year period from 1889-1899, this Richardsonian Romanesque structure is among Canada’s most important examples of monumentally scaled city halls. 

Its superb downtown site, richly carved sandstone surfaces, and variety in colour and texture combine in a clear expression of the region’s late 19th century self-confidence. Old City Hall also features a 103.6 m tall clock tower with its "Big Ben" hour bell.

Old City Hall's gargoyles are a featured part of Terry Murray's Faces on Places tour of Toronto, and their story is unique. By 1939, their deterioration was such that all gargoyles were removed and the entire building set for demolition. However, a special-interests group called Friends of Old City Hall convinced the city to save the structure and in 1991 the ventin Group architectural firm replaced all missing gargoyles in its $35 million restoration. 

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