Sunnyside Park, Toronto

Sunnyside is a lakefront district along Toronto's waterfront on Humber Bay. The site of a massive waterfront reclamation project in 1910, Sunnyside is most famously known for its Amusement Park  - which was the heart of Toronto's recreation scene from 1922 to 1955.  

An aboriginal settlement is known to have been present at the Baby Point area on the Hymber River to the north. From approximately the area of today's Sunnyside Pavilion, an ancient trail, known as the "Toronto Carrying Place" trail went north to the Lake Simcoe area. Part of the trail is presumed to be along the route of today's "Indian Road", to the east of High Park.

The area is also notably famous for being the place where Marilyn Bell finally touched shore near the Boulevard Club after her epic swim across Lake Ontario in 1954. 

A featured landmark in Dorothy Ellen Palmer's When Fenelon FallsSunnyside still offers glimpses of its former self - though it is far more subdued today. 

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