Toronto's Waterfront - The Bluffs

This particular tour of Toronto's Waterfront takes you to Scarborough Bluffs and the surrounding area. A spectacular geologial wonder of 12,000 years of sedimentary layers, these bluffs almost seem out of place along Lake Ontario's shores, where they break off at the water's edge. Along their 15 kilometer stretch, they peak at 65 meters above the shoreline and their sand deposits actually resulted in Toronto's Islands

And, of course, the area is wrought with stories as well. From 10,000 year-old archeological finds of aboriginals, to stories of ships running aground, to eclectic parks and gardens and famous landscape artists - this popular area has much to offer visitors and locals alike. This is both a hiking and driving tour, so pack water, snacks, and towels if you decide to go for a swim. A camera is always a good idea too.

To accompany this tour, we have some excellent book suggestions. Pick up the amazing collection, HTO: Toronto's Water From Lake Iroquois to Lost Rivers to Low-Flow Toilets. Inside you will find essays on a broad spectrum of critical examinations- all dealing with Toronto's water supply, waterfront reclamation, and environmental policies. Geology enthusiasts will be interested in Road Rocks Ontario by Nick Eyles  and for some excellent history on Toronto's waterfront try Along the Shore by Jane Fairburn.

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