Hamilton Street Names: An Illustrated History

Beach Boulevard, Mud Street, Sulphur Springs Road, Paradise Road, the Jolley Cut -- street names are a vivid and living embodiment of a city's history, of the dreams, passions and workaday concerns of its citizens. Love, murder, betrayal, political intrigue -- all are present in this engaging new book about Hamilton's past. 

Most Hamiltonians know that MacNab Street was named after Allan Napier MacNab, a famous native son, but who were the people who gave their names to James, King or Barton streets, Fennell Avenue, or Kitty Murray Lane? Street names offer a unique, meandering path through Hamilton's fascinating past, full of curious biographical culs-de-sac and occasional sweeping historical vistas. 

Hamilton Street Names includes more than 120 routes in the new city. Each alphabetically organized entry offers fascinating insights into the city's social, political, cultural or military history. Richly illustrated with archival photographs, this book offers fascinating views into the past of the new Hamilton.


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