Centreville Amusement Park

Located on Toronto Islands, Centreville Amusement Park was constructed in 1967 in an attempt to draw more recreational visitors. It was built to replace the Toronto's famous Sunnyside Amusement Park which closed its doors in 1955. 

The Park is home to a 1907-vintage carousel, "antique cars", 'swan boats', a windmill-style Ferris Wheel, a 'haunted barrel works' and several kiddie rides. One ride travels around the park, a miniature railway. Additionally, their 1907 'Antique Carousel' is incredibly unique and one of the few of its kind left in existence in North America today. 

An 1870s cast iron planter to commemorate Queen Victoria's birthday was relocated from the St. Lawrence Market to Centreville. 

Ferry access to Toronto Islands is provided daily. 

Travel Instructions

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