Drummond Hill Cemetery

Drummond Hill Cemetery is a nationally recognized heritage site. Located in Niagara Falls, it is most famously known as the battle grounds of the "Battle of Lundy's Lane", as well as the burial site of Laura Secord. Christopher Buchner purchased 400 acres of land from his father-in-law, James Forsythe, in 1799 and used the top of the hill as a burial ground. It later became the site of a fierce battle between the British and the Americans in 1814. The area became known as Drummond Hill, in honour of General Drummond.

William Dalton's Journals, dating from 1845 to 1916 when he worked as the Sexton for many cemeteries in the area are excellent genealogy resources. Unfortunately, the records do not indicate where the burial is located or even what cemetery the burial took place. Mr Dalton did, however, keep records in chronological order, which usually included some interesting background of the deceased.

The Niagara Parks Commission assumed jurisdiction of the Cemetery in 1910 and was then transferred to the City in 1996. It is found on the battlefields of Lundy's Lane, down the street from the Niagara Falls History Museum. 

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