By The Book - Dorothy Ellen Palmer's Fenelon Falls

A tour of some lesser-known Toronto landmarks, courtesy of Dorothy Ellen Palmer's "When Fenelon Falls".

We continue our By The Book tour series, with Dororthy Ellen Palmer's When Fenelon Falls. In the novel, we find ourselves in the vivid imagination of Jorday May March - a fourteen year old disabled girl stuck at adopted family's summer cottage. Life in 1969 is tough and Jordan survives by avoiding her cousins, listening to music, and chronicling her plans to rescue Yogi - a caged bear cub at the end of the street. 

The book covers many locations as Palmer's young Jordan concocts scenarios of her birth based on what little she knows about her adoption. From New Toronto to the Kawartha Lakes region, small town historic stops to lakeside lunatic asylums, When Fenelon Falls covers parts of Ontario you may not have heard of. Or, it brings to mind a few places long forgotten. 

We invite you to read Dorothy's book, hop in your car, and take a trip into the past. 

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