Lake Huron Shoreline Tour

There's a reason Lake Huron and Huron County are dubbed "Ontario's West Coast". With its thirty thousand islands, Huron has the longest shoreline of any of the Great Lakes, and its northern parks offer plant and wildlife rarely found elsewhere. It is said that in the Bruce Peninsula, there are orchid species not found anywhere else in the world. Plus, being a part of the Niagara Escarpment biosphere, it also boasts unique geological formations.

Lake Huron has over one thousand recorded shipwrecks, which make for interesting diving expeditions and glass-bottom boat tours, in particular near Tobermory at the mouth of Georgian Bay. 

Named after the indegenous inhabitants of the area (The Huron Wendat nation), the lake and its bordering county are a tourist hotspot for many traveling out of Toronto and Niagara. The region also has a lot of history. Historic railway stations, famous beaches, natural geological wonders, and national parks - all yours to explore, and we've got books to make your trip all the more worthwhile. 

Try Sylvia Maultash Walsh's The Queen of Unforgetting - a historical novel that delves into the relationships between the Jesuit community and The Hurons hundreds of years ago. Also worth checking out is John G. McKay's Restless on Huron - a sweet little memoir of  the well-known passenger ferries Restless and Restless Too operated by his father between Port Elgin and Southampton. 

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