Ontario Rocks! Geological Wonders of Southern Ontario

Ontario rocks! In fact, it rocks so much there's a book with the same title. Of course, the book refers to the wondrous formations found throughout the province - but we like to think a little literary metaphor goes a long way. 

How are rocks historical landmarks? Uh...they've been around a long, long time so that must count for something. From the Canadian shield to Niagara Falls, Ontario's landscape offers a broad spectrum of rock formations, bluffs, sand dunes and much more - all of it playing an integral role in the province's history. Think mining and exploration or aboriginal folklore or cliffs that seem to crumble right into Lake Ontario. How about coloured sands and "flower pot" formations not found anywhere else in the country? 

Yes, Ontario is full of rocks and this tour offers you an opportunity to get in your car and check some of them out. This is all about driving, and if you're keen you could stretch the trip out over a few weeks. Spend a day at each site, hike around, camp if its available. Man-made history is worth noting - but so is that which comes from nature. 

And - as we've already mentioned - author and geology guru Nick Eyles has put together several amazing books to guide you along the way. These books not only provide better understanding of the rocks around us, but also point out excellent landmarks and places to venture. Try Canadian Sheild: The Rocks That Made CanadaOntario Rocks: Three Billion Years of Environmental Change, and Road Rocks Ontario: Over 250 Geological Wonders to DiscoverYou'll be glad you did. 




Travel Instructions

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