Trillium Book Award Author Readings June 16

How to Do It in a Canoe: The Fish Quill Poetry Boat Series, with Kevin Mcpherson Eckhoff

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Kevin Mcpherson Eckhoff

It's the most unique and all-Canadian reading tour ever undertaken: the Fish Quill Poetry Boat, now in its third year, is set to launch five poets and a musician in canoes down the Grand River for ten days of poetry, performance and adventure. These fearless writers — Moez Surani, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff, Leigh Kotsilidis, Linda Besner and Darryl Whetter — are quick with a pen and even quicker with a paddle, and they know (or will soon find out) how to get things done in a canoe.

The Fish Quill Poetry Boat launched their ten-day tour with a performance at Toronto's TRANZAC Club on August 9th. Accompanied by musician Jack Marks, the Fish Quill Poets have read in Elora, West Montrose, West Bridgeport and Cambridge. Their next reading will be Brantford?s Station Coffee House & Gallery at 7 p.m. on August 17th, followed by stops in Paris, Brantford and Six Nation's Chiefswood National Historic Site. Visit our Events page for more details about these readings.

Our final Fish Quill poet, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, is a real thang (and author of the recently released easy peasy, published with Snare Books). Most days, his love of poetry feels more like loathe of poetry, even though he has put his name under titles like rhapsodomancy (Coach House Books) and game show reversed (BookThug). He likes BC's doors of outness, and was a hunter for exactly one year when he was thirteen. His canoeing tips will give you something to think about as you work on your J-stroke this summer.

How to Cancan in a Canoe

STEP ONE: step on.

STEP TWO: step too.

STEP THREE: step there.

STEP FOUR: step fore.

STEP FIVE: step if high hive.

STEP SIX: step sicks.

STEP SEVEN: step so heaven.

STEP EIGHT: step height.

STEP NINE: step nigh hen.

STEP TEN: step tine.

STEP ELEVEN: steep leaven.

How to Whirlpool in a Canoe

Ocean. Ceano. Eanoc. Anoce. Nocea.


Read about last year's Fish Quill Tour on our Literary Landmarks page.

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