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On the Must Read List: The Walrus's Special Winter Double Issue

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New Year's Resolution: Be up-to-date on art, culture, history, fiction and current events. How to go about it: Read The Walrus.

The Special Winter Double Issue of The Walrus actually inspired the resolution, rather than presenting itself as a solution. Open the January/February 2011 issue and you'll find essays that range in subject from the revival of Cree traditional medicine ("The Healing" by Patrick Donagh) to the appeal of Coronation Street to Canadians ("Craving Corrie" by Danielle Groen) to how Eva Aariak, the second premier of Nunavut, is changing the politics of the North ("Madam Premier" by Lisa Gregoire), plus other engrossing features, poetry by Jonathan Bennett, fiction by Lawrence Hill, a photo essay by Roger LeMoyne and "Careful What You Pray For," a hilarious cartoon by Jason Sherman and David Parkins. Bonus: The Walrus fits easily into a purse, knapsack or rolled up in your coat pocket, and an annual subscription is under $30.

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