Castles of Southern Ontario

Castle Tours of Ontario

Castles in Ontario? Okay, it's a bit of a loose definition for Open Book Explorer. Ontario may not be Scotland or England or any other European country, and we may not actually have authentic castles but we do have massive houses once designed to look like castles. And these places have some great history and stories of their own. That counts for something right? We think so and it's why we've got a tour set up with some good books to go with it. 

On this tour you'll make your way from Hamilton to Toronto - or vice versa, depending on where you start. Five stops and a bit of driving, but you'll get to visit the home of one of the men responsible for the Great Western Railway, and a mansion that once housed a secret research facility during the Second World War. These places hold many stories - from heartbreak and financial ruin to clandestine fraternities - plus artwork and artifacts. 

For reading, we recommend Bill Freeman's well-researched Casa Loma: Canada's Fairy Tale Castle and its Owner Sir Henry Pellatwhich offers a throrough history - and of similar ilk, Edward Smith's Dundurn Castle: Sir Alan MacNab and his Hamilton Home

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