Still Hunting

ECW Press (2013)

Picking up where his first memoir, Young Hunting, left off, Martin Hunter writes of his return to Toronto in the 1960s. He marries his teenage sweetheart, goes to work for the family paper company, fathers three children, and settles into a bourgeois lifestyle. But not for long. 

His flamboyant brother-in-law moves in with his gay lover, and the Swinging Sixties arrive in Rosedale with wild parties. Hunter writes a play about Toronto’s changing social dynamic that’s considered racy but wins an award. The University of Toronto offers him a position as playwright-in-residence, and there he consorts with the likes of Robertson Davies and Marshall McLuhan. 

Still Hunting takes readers on Hunter’s adventures in Europe and the Middle East, reveals his stories of working in the theatre, and shares tales of his spirited friends, colleagues, and loved ones. From Greek shipping tycoons to up-and-coming actors to the Maharaja of Jaipur and filmmaker James Ivory, this memoir of a life well lived is full of unforgettable characters — chief among them Martin Hunter. 


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