Faces on Places: A Grotesque Tour of Toronto

Faces on Places takes us up into the the sky to the fascinating world of creatures and icons that watch over Toronto and its inhabitants. Terry Murray invites readers to delve into the little-know and often overlooked grotesque world of gargoyles and cherubs and caricuatures that adorn some of Toronto's most prominent buildings. All of whom have stories and history. 

Murray has photographed sixty of Toronto's buildings. interviewed architects, stone carvers, and building occupants, and scoured archives for original architectural plans - all to discover who these creatures are, and why they exist. The stories are fascinating, often surprising, and not without a bit of humour too. She has created a narrative out of inaminate objects and we think that's pretty great. 

So great in fact we've built an entire tour around this book. All the more reason to pick it up. 

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By The Book - Terry Murray's Grotesque Toronto


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