Jarvis Street Baptist Church

One of the oldest churches in the City of Toronto, the Jarvist Street Baptist Church's congregation formed in 1818 and its current building was completed in 1875. Constructed in a Gothic Revival style, it is one of the first churches in Canada to built with an amphitheatre-shaped interior. 

The main entrance is set under the only tower of the building facing the south west side which serves as a vertical axis to the building. A copper spire sits on top of the tower, adding approximately nine metres to the existing roof height. In 1938 a disastrous fire damaged much of the building, and careful reconstruction underwent to rebuild an exact replica of the original spire. 

The building is heavily decorated with ornaments at the top of every pitched roof and throughout the spire. Gargoyles align with the entrance doors, and rippled arches are engraved in the building.

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