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The Dirty Dozen, with Mike Arsenault

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Mike Arsenault

Baseball star Mike Arsenault proves that he excels on and off the field with his new novel 60'6" Balls, Strikes, and Baseball Mortality.

Today Mike takes on the Open Book Dirty Dozen, which gives authors the chance to share 12 unexpected facts about themselves. Mike talks to us about movies he has (and hasn't) seen, a brush with Sidney Crosby and a photo-shoot that he would very much like to forget.

Currently, Mike works as a freelance reporter/photographer and television host. He also hosts a sports/pop culture podcast and has a few acting credits under his belt. This is his first novel.

  1. I played in the same hockey tournament as Sidney Crosby in Calgary in 2002. Our careers have diverged slightly since then.
  2. I have never been to a concert.
  3. I can deadlift over 500 pounds.
  4. I was selected to be "Mr. March" in Cosmo TV's Hottest Bachelors in Canada 2009 Calendar.
  5. I have ensured that all copies of said calendar have been either destroyed or locked away in an air-tight vault.
  6. I got cut from the same hockey team eight years in a row; I made the team in the ninth year. I'm nothing if not persistent.
  7. I have never watched any of the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Godfather movies.
  8. Seinfeld is my favourite TV show of all time; I have a terrifying amount of useless Seinfeld trivia swimming around in my head.
  9. I am terrified of sharp or pointy objects coming near my face. It actually has a name: ?Aichmophobia.?
  10. I can't watch scary movies. The last one I saw was The Blair Witch Project.
  11. I have a degree in economics, but I would be hard-pressed to draw a supply and demand curve right now without consulting Google.
  12. I consider myself to be unbeatable in Jeopardy. One of my dreams is to make an appearance on the show.

Mike Arsenault played semi-professional baseball for the London Majors of the Inter-county Baseball League. He learned to play the game from an early age growing up in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. A southpaw, Mike played on the varsity baseball team at both Queen?s University and Durham College and was named pitcher of the year three times in five years.

For more information on Mike?s media endeavors, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @MikeGArsenault. For more information about 60'6" Balls, Strikes, and Baseball Mortality, visit the publisher's website.
Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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