25th Trillium Award

Grace O?Connell, Alex Porco, Gillian Savigny, Carolyn Smart and Moez Surani on Finding A Voice

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Coming up Fri. Oct 11th, from 4-6pm on CFRC 101.9fm's 'finding a voice?, the show will feature a recent event held on Queen?s campus, Sept 21, called ?The Alumni Return, Triumphant!?

In the first hour, you?ll hear the introduction to it by Shelley King, the Head of the Department of English at Queens, as host/moderator - followed by the readings from that event by Grace O?Connell, Alex Porco, Gillian Savigny, Carolyn Smart and the very first portion of a reading by Moez Surani.

In the second hour, the remainder of the reading by Moez, then the q&a/discussion period following the readings that day.

The show will stream live online at www.cfrc.ca.

This show will be uploaded to Bruce's blogspace within 24 hours after airing and saved there indefinitely. As well, all shows dating back through 2012 can be accessed and listened to there at http://findingavoiceoncfrcfm.wordpress.com/ -- and each post does contain full information about that particular show?s roster.

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