25th Trillium Award

House of Gryhm Launched at Midnight

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House of Gryhm

From our friends at Grey Borders:

To celebrate the most macabre day of the year, Grey Borders has prepared a special Halloween treat. At exactly midnight we launched our new horrific imprint press THE HOUSE OF GRYHM. Dig deep in those hidden recesses and send us your horrific, your obscene, your downright wrong lit, art, photography and manifestos.

Email [email protected] to subject us to your horrors!!!!!

To celebrate our fiendish birth we will tempt you with three titillating incarcerations:

The Tales of HIM 1-5 by Brett, a neatly bound and gagged short story collection of serial killing joy.

A Ghastly collection of dark poetry written by our anonymous serial killer.

And Objektophilie, a dark and insightful collection of photography by Catherine Owen.

We will also be holding a horror chapbook contest!


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