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Introducing the Open Book App & Mobile Pages

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Do you love reading, writing, arts and culture? The Open Book App is a new and vital tool for you. The Open Book App connects you with the vibrant literary scene in Toronto and throughout Ontario. Whether you are out and about, or planning from home, the Open Book App makes it simple to find details and directions for both literary events and literary landmarks. Get out and enjoy Ontario's amazing literary scene — everything you need to get involved is delivered by the Open Book App. Features and tools include:

  • Ontario's Literary Events and Literary Landmarks all in one place: choose Toronto-based events and landmarks, or display listings from across the province.
  • Easy browsing and thorough information: quickly access details about each event and landmark from Open Book's comprehensive and hugely popular online listings.
  • Geolocation: the Open Book app pinpoints where you are and shows you the nearest literary events and literary landmarks, sorting by distance.
  • Integration with Maps: quickly access directions to the events and landmarks that interest you.
  • Instantly add events to your iCal: plan and schedule all your upcoming literary event adventures.
  • Up-to-the-minute information: every listing update on our websites is instantly pushed through to the app and to you.
  • Did we mention this is all FREE?

In addition to releasing the Open Book App, Open Book: Toronto and Open Book: Ontario have also launched mobile versions for both sites. No more squinting at the full version of the sites on your mobile screens: these new pages offer mobile readers smartly designed, easy to read and quick access to a wealth of literary news, literary event listings and writer-in-residence posts.

Open Book is deeply grateful to the Ontario Media Development Corporation for its support with the development of the Open Book App and the mobile pages. Stop14 Media and Procomp worked with Open Book to create these new mobile platforms.

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