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London Open Mic Poetry Night Offering Online Book Launches for Poets

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The London Open Mic Poetry Night is about to begin a new project. In order to give London's poetry community more exposure than they get through monthly reading events, London Open Mic Poetry is offering poets a chance to do free online book launches for new books. As part of a poet's book launch, the reading series organizers will post some of the poet?s previously published poems online, so that readers can get more familiar with the poet?s work than is possible when hearing a poem read once at a poetry reading. The launch will also include an interview with the poet, which will be posted online along with a photo and biography; these will be linked back to the poems and the publisher's website.

By doing online book launches, London Open Mic Poetry Night will save time and money, but will also reach a larger community than is possible through their local book launch events. London Open Mic Poetry isn't giving up on its open mic/reading events, however. The reading series organizers still plan on launching as many books as possible through these events, while at the same time venturing into the possibilities of online book promotion.

For more information, please visit London Open Mic Poetry Night?s website.

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