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Noticed: Cassie Leigh reviews Conflict, by Christine McNair

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If you're looking for a book of poetry to read this August, you might have found you answer courtesy of Cassie Leigh, an author and critic who recently posted an insightful review of Christine McNair's new collection Conflict. Leigh's review draws attention to the "blunt and gritty honesty" of McNair's work, priasing her for being able to make the reader "realize the beauty in time etching away."

Every poem in this collection offers commonplace wisdom, but it can just as gracefully be applied to McNair?s own personal work. To recognize the decaying or the fading of life around us is one thing, but McNair invites us to look through the world with a different lens. A lens that inspires the beauty in deconstruction and reconstruction and everything that is in between. We are invited to see everything in our own lives as strong in itself, with a refusal to let anyone tell us anything different.

You can check out the review on the Grey Borders website. You can also look at more of Leigh's criticism at Broken Pencil.

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