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Noticed: CWLIA Interviews Kegedonce Founder Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

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Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWLIA) has interviewed Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, an Anishinaabe writer and the founder and owner of Kegedonce Press. A publisher of indigenous writers, Kateri talks about how what Kegedonce publishes is mainly based on writing quality, but also how they try to be mindful of gender balance and regional representation. Speaking in-depth about this attempt at balance, Kateri explains that the quality has to be there if she?s going to publish a book, no matter who wrote it. Further, Kegedonce Press aims to challenge readers? preconceptions about indigenous literature. She also discusses where some of the best reviews and scholarship surrounding indigenous writing are coming from, explains the matriarchal aspects of indigenous culture and how colonialism influenced that and tells readers about the international aboriginal anthology she co-edited, Skins. She demonstrates a clear passion for indigenous writing and the hope that people will become more aware of this literature.

Please view this fascinating interview about indigenous literature and publishing here.

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