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Noticed: Michael Enright on the Future of Canadian Publishing

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The Sunday Edition

"You guys are always figuring out a way!" observes CBC Radio's Michael Enright, in conversation with publishing insiders Margie Wolfe, Patsy Aldana and Scott McIntyre. The response is wry chuckles and knowing groans from his panelists. Even if the death of the publishing industry has been foretold since Gutenberg, it's no secret that Canada's perilous trade is in particular peril at the moment. Enright's panelists discuss the selling of McClelland and Stewart, the granting programs that have been integral to establishing a vibrant Canadian literature and the future of our publishing industry.

As Margie Wolfe tells us, even entrepreneur and arts philanthropist Scott Griffin, who owns House of Anansi/Groundwood Books, can sometimes do little more than shake his head. "I'm a businessman," he says, "and this is not a business, this is the craziest thing — and you're all crazy because you've learned to adapt to totally unacceptable circumstances."

Listen to the entire conversation here.

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