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Oolichan Books is Desperately Seeking Susans

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From our friends at Oolichan Books:

Oolichan Books is seeking submissions for a new anthology, Desperately Seeking Susans. Though many anthologies purport to establish a new canon, Desperately Seeking Susans simply luxuriates in the ridiculous surfeit of talent we can find in not only Canadian poets, not only female Canadian poets, but female Canadian poets named Susan.

This anthology, due to be published in the Fall of 2012, will feature a wide range of celebrated and established Susans. We are now calling for the next generation of Susans to wow us with your talent. We seek all forms of poetry; lyrical, formal, experimental, heart-breaking, and funny, but always and with each, the devastatingly beautiful.

If your poems are accepted, we will require a proof of your name as Susan, or a reasonable variant, (e.g. photocopy of your driver’s license, student card, birth certificate). To submit your work, please send 1-4 poems (maximum of 6 pages) and a CV of previous publications to [email protected]. Submissions will be accepted until March 20th, 2012. In the interest of gender equality, boys named Sue are encouraged to submit.

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