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Poetry Post: Lemon Hound Interviews Susan Goyette and Susan Gillis

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Lemon Hound interviews Halifax poet Susan Goyette and Montreal poet Susan Gillis on their website. The poets are asked various questions about how they know they have truly made it as poets, how their critical faculties come into play in their poetry practice, the impact of the Writing Studios in Banff on their careers and the most exciting book they?ve read lately. We get some insightful answers and glimpses into the lives of these poets, the work these poets pursue outside of their poetry writing (Gillis teaches about poetry in a classroom and Goyette runs a mentorship program), why Goyette doesn?t write reviews and why War and Peace could be classified as ?poetry.? The interview finishes with a poem by each of them, ?Birthday? by Susan Gillis, and ?Fog? by Susan Goyette. Click here to read the interview.

The Poetry Post series is written and organized by Megan Philipp, Open Book: Ontario's Editorial Intern. Having completed the Publishing Certificate Program at Ryerson University, she is pursuing a career in publishing. She also writes and edits for The Mindful Word, an online magazine focused on mindfulness and engaged living.

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Open Book: Ontario will be posting a Poetry Post each week day. Do you have a poetry-related link that you think we should know about? Please send it to [email protected].

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