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Read To Me: GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear

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GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear by Cathryn Morgan

Read To Me, a new series on Open Book, showcases those magical children?s books that kids will ask you to read multiple times, and that you?ll love reading. Today, we?re featuring GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear (General Store Publishing House), written by Cathryn Morgan and illusrated by Crystal Beshara.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Written by a primary specialist with first-hand experience in coping with chronic pain, GrrrrOUCH! is for children ages six to ten who are living with physical or emotional pain, or for kids who are trying to understand the pain or illness of a loved one.

WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Written in rhyming text, GrrrrOUCH! is catchy story that is told from a child's perspective. Children will identify with the book's vivid analogies, such as, "Pain is like a wolf that prowls./ You just want to sit and howl./ Pain is like a fierce dragon,/ riding in your red wagon." GrrrOUCH! also offers kids solutions for coping with pain: "I try to soar above my pain/ as freely as a kite/ or fight it in a tournament/ like a brave medieval knight." Beshara's illustrations are imaginative and colourful.

WHY GROWN UPS WILL LOVE IT: Pain is a difficult subject to broach with a child, and reading GrrrOUCH! can help start an important conversation about pain and how to cope with it.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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