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ReLit Awards Longlist Announced

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The longlists for the 2012 ReLit Awards have been announced! The ReLit Awards recognize books by Canadian authors that are published by independent Canadian presses. Founded in 2000, each year ReLit winners are named in three categories: Poetry, Short Fiction and Novel. Congratulations to the longlisted authors!

From the ReLit Awards website:



Idaho Winter, Tony Burgess (ECW)
The Boy, Betty Jane Hegerat (Oolichan)
Flowers of Spit, Catherine Mavrikakis (Bookthug)
Prick, Ashley Little (Tightrope)
Bloodline, Stan Rogal (Insomniac)
Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew, Stuart Ross (ECW)
Monoceros, Suzette Mayr (Coach House)
Maintenance, Rob Benvie (Coach House)
Kalila, Rosemary Nixon (Goose Lane)
Easy to Like, Edward Riche (Anansi)
Cherry Beach Express, R.D. Cain (ECW)
Dirty Feet, Edem Awumey (Anansi)
Soldier of the Horse, Robert W. Mackay (Touchwood)
Description of the Blazing World, Michael Murphy (Freehand)
Constance,  Across, Richard Cumyn (Quattro)
Missing Matisse, Jan Rehner (Inanna)
Algoma, Dani Couture (Invisible)
Six Metres of Pavement, Farzana Doctor (Dundurn)
The Last Stoic, Morgan Wade (Hidden Brook)
Break Me, Tom Reynolds (Quattro)
Mongrel, Marko Sijan (Mansfield)
Hard Hed, Charles Tidler (Anvil)
The Ballad of Martin B., Michael Mirolla (Quattro)
A Hard Gold Thread, Catherine Black (Guernica)
Intention Implication Wind, Ken Sparling (Pedlar)
The Time We All Went Marching, Arley McNeney (Goose Lane)
These Shadows Remain, B.W. Powe (Guernica)
The Tattoo, Pan Bouyoucas (Cormorant)
Adrift, Loren Edizel (TSAR)
Glass Boys, Nicole Lundrigan (Douglas & McIntyre)
The Anatomy of Clay, Gillian Sze (ECW) 
The Crystal Palace, Carey Toane (Mansfield)
Myoclonus, Douglas Livingston (Emmerson Street)
Blindfold, John Mikhail Asfour (MQUP)
Spinning Side Kick, Anita Lahey (Signal)
Onion Man, Kathryn Mockler (Tightrope)
Gift Horse, Mark Callanan (Signal)
The Id Kid, Linda Besner (Signal)
Li?l Bastard, David McGimpsey (Coach House)
Grace Shiver, Cathy Stonehouse (Inanna)
The Monotony of Fatal Accidents, Richard Krueger (Bookthug)
Contrary, Ruth Roach Pierson (Tightrope)
This Way, Lise Downe (Bookthug)
Only the Fallen Can See, Jude Neale (Leaf Press)
Hooligans, Lillian Necakov (Mansfield)
Apollinaire?s Speech to the War Medic, Jake Kennedy (Bookthug)
Wretched Beast, Shelley A. Leedahl (BuschekBooks)
The Pillow Books, Karen Mulhallen (Black Moss)
Sunday, the Locusts, Jim Johnstone (Tightrope)
Fluttertongue 5, Steven Ross Smith (Turnstone)
Match, Helen Guri (Coach House)
Easy Peasy, Kevin McPherson Eckoff (Snare)
Sweet Devilry, Yi-Mei Tsiang (Oolichan)
A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People, Gabe Foreman (Coach House)
Strong Bread, Giovanna Riccio (Quattro)
Echoic Mimic, Lesley Trites (Snare)
Jumping in the Asylum, Patrick Friesen (Quattro)
A Walker in the City, Meira Cook (Brick)
England is Mine, Todd Swift (DC Books)
Straight Razor Days, Joel Thomas Hynes (Pedlar)
The Cure is a Forest, Desi di Nardo (Guernica)
The Truth of Houses, Ann Scowcroft (Brick)
And See What Happens, Ursula Vaira (Caitlin)
Startled Night, Elana Wolff (Guernica)
Love Figures, Sam Cheuk (Insomniac)
The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane, Patrick Lane (Harbour)
Woods Wolf Girl, Cornelia Hoogland (Wolsak & Wynn)
Civil and Civic, Jonathan Bennett (ECW)
Crow, Cornelia Hoogland (Black Moss)
Campfire Radio Rhapsody, Robert Earl Stewart (Mansfield)
Insomnie Blues, Linda Frank (BuschekBooks)
Drift, Leo Brent Robillard (Turnstone)
The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live, Christian McPherson (Now or Never)
Dying a Little, Barry Dempster (Wolsak & Wynn)
True, Kristy Elliot (Leaf Press)
Dance, Monster!, Stan Rogal (Insomniac)
What is the Sound of Someone Unravelling, Marsha Barber (Borealis)
There Devil, Eat that, Jonarno Lawson (Pedlar)
Red, George Elliott Clarke (Gaspereau)
Versions of North, G.P. Lainsbury (Caitlin)
Wore Down Trust, Michael Blouin (Pedlar)
Apologetic for Joy, Jessica Hiemstra-van der Horst (Goose Lane)
Forge, Jan Zwicky (Gaspereau)
Narcissus Unfolding, Jim Nason (Frontenac)
Post-apothecary, Sandra Ridley (Pedlar)
Methodist Hatchet, Ken Babstock (Anansi)
The Ditch was Lit Like This, Sean Johnston (Thistledown)
Earworm, Nick Thran (Nightwood)
No End in Strangeness, Bruce Taylor (Cormorant)
Err, Shane Rhodes (Nightwood)
Grunt of the Minotaur, Robin Richardson (Insomniac)
Beautiful Mutants, Adam Pottle (Caitlin)
A Page From the Wonders of Life on Earth, Stephanie Bolster (Brick)
Book of Disorders, Luciano Iacobelli (Quattro)
Gulf, Leslie Vryenhoek (Oolichan)
Hypotheticals, Leigh Kotsilidis (Coach House)
Nothing Could Be Further, Tim Conley (Emmerson Street) 
Stopping for Strangers, Daniel Griffin (Esplanade)
Shag Carpet Action, Matthew Firth (Anvil)
God?s Autobio, Rolli (Now or Never)
The Girl on the Escalator, Jim Nason (Tightrope)
Pretty, Greg Kearney (Exile)
Easy Living, Jesus Hardwell (Exile)
Holidays, Darcy Rhyno (Borealis)
Distillery Songs, Mike Spry (Insomniac)
And Also Sharks, Jessica Westhead (Cormorant)
Pollen, Tom Abray (DC Books)
Talking at the Woodpile, David Thompson (Caitlin)
Leaving Berlin, Britt Holmstrom (Thistledown)
The Reverse Cowgirl, David Whitton (Freehand)
The Odious Child, Carolyn Black (Nightwood)

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