25th Trillium Award

Samantha Haywood is a Page Turner. Are you?

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Samantha Haywood has been an agent with Transatlantic Literary Agency since 2004. The clients that she represents include award-winning and bestselling fiction and nonfiction writers. Samantha knows what matters in the Canadian literary landscape, and as today's Page Turner for Project Bookmark Canada's Page Turner Campaign, she offers some solid reasons why becoming a Page Turner is good for you and for CanLit.

We're delighted to share Samantha's Page Turner spot on Open Book. Take Samantha's advice and become a Page Turner today, and your name will be entered in a draw for a Project Bookmark teeshirt!

I’m a Page Turner and you should be too — especially if you’re in publishing.

That’s right; this message is a shout out particularly for my publishing industry colleagues: editors, agents, sales and marketing coordinators to publicists and the production department and beyond, all of you wonderful and hardworking folks need to be reminded of why we work in publishing and how becoming a Page Turner today can prove you are still here for the right reasons.

I’ve worked in publishing for about my entire career, and if there is one thing I know about publishing people is that we got into the biz because we love to read. But now that we’re here, we love to kvetch about how we have no time for it anymore! So today, for five minutes, let’s drop the jaded-exhaustion routine and get some positive reinforcement from giving to reading by giving to Bookmark.

What does Bookmark do? Project Bookmark boosts reading culture in Canada by creating a plaque with a quote from a Canadian writer’s novel, story or poem, and placing it in the spot where it happens in our landscape. Think of it as a billboard to the book: a visual, physical association between Canada and literature. Check out some of the Project Bookmark sites here. There are just 12 Bookmarks now, but with your help, this literary charity is working to create a cross-Canada literary trail of hundreds of Bookmarks.

If you’re feeling stressed-out and cynical today, think of donating to Project Bookmark as an investment in the consumers whose interest in reading gives you a job. And if you’re full of idealism and inspiration (like yours truly, of course) know that this is about supporting something that you love, and joining others who love it too. Because for great reading to thrive it should be celebrated, nurtured, shared — and now Bookmarked on our landscape.

So right now, instead of diving into the inbox and worrying about the to-do list, why don’t you become a Page Turner by donating 20 bucks here and make yourself part of a passionate, ongoing promotion for Canadian literature?

I guarantee it will make you feel better (it might even reduce your stress!) and it will definitely help Project Bookmark continue its inspiring mandate to keep placing this country’s literature on our map and the world’s radar. And as if that’s not enough, if you donate today you have a chance to win a Bookmark teeshirt, so you can wear your support and pride — maybe even at work.

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