25th Trillium Award

Trillium Testimonial: Adam Dickinson

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This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Ontario's illustrious Trillium Book Award/Prix Trillium. To celebrate this silver milestone, Open Book has asked members of the literary community to tell us what they love about their favourite award-winning Trillium title. If you're looking for a recommended read (or re-read), follow these Trillium Testimonials on Open Book: Ontario from now until the winners of the 2012 award competition are announced. Today, poet Adam Dickinson tells us why he's chosen Jeramy Dodds's Crabwise to the Hounds (Coach House Books), winner of the Trillium Book Award for Poetry (2008).

Open Book:

What do you love about this book?

Adam Dickinson:

I love the sound of Ho Chi Minh hanging out his laundry. I love the twenty more one-mores. I love the Herculean task of being a janitor in an alabaster abattoir. All the ruined animals come to life.


When did you first read it?


I read it when it came out in 2008.

Kingdom, Phylum (Brick Books), Adam Dickinson’s second book, was a finalist for the 2007 Trillium Book Award for Poetry. His latest book of poetry, The Polymers, will appear in 2013.

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