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Weekly Round-Up: Open Book: Toronto

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Open Book: Toronto

In case you missed it, here is an update of all the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

As part of Open Book?s Behind the Books series and the celebration at Open Book: Toronto of Whazamo, Christopher Butcher, the Festival Director for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAP) and Manager of The Beguiling Books & Art, and Andrew Townsend, Support Manager for the TCAF and employee of The Beguiling, speak with Open Book: Toronto about their jobs. They explain what their average work days look like, their memorable work experiences and the best thing about their jobs. Read the interview here.

Publishing consultant Becky Toyne writes about Get Up! Stand Up!, an event hosted by Random House as part of their Open House Festival. Read about it here.

Chris Eaton, the author of Chris Eaton, A Biography: A Novel (BookThug), lists 12 unexpected facts about himself in his Dirty Dozen interview, describing his hockey career cut short, first dates and his math talent. Please read the interview here.

Author and illustrator Mark Thurman discusses his new book Get Graphic!, Pembroke Publishers' latest Book-of-the-Month, in a Whazamo interview. He reveals how students who have trouble reading will become passionate and engaged when they have the opportunity to draw their ideas, explains how graphic novels fit into a new type of storytelling and suggests techniques for demonstrating the power of visuals in relation to reading and writing. Read the interview here.

Sue MacLeod, author of Namesake (Pajama Press), gives us a taste of literary Eglinton West in her Five Things Literary interview. She lists a favourite independent bookstore, a coffee house that she misses since leaving the area and a condo building with a unique literary history. Read the article here.

In a Behind the Books interview, Annie Koyama, the founder of Koyama Press, speaks with Open Book about what a typical day at work looks like for her, how working with artists is the best part of her job and more. Read the interview here.

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