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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

The Dirty Dozen, with Alex Boyd

"I think it should be illegal to have something written across the back of your sweatpants, but this is just one of the many ways I?m not particularly well suited to modern life." Read more

On Writing: the Short Story Edition, with Mike Barnes

"The process is like putting your ear to a wall to hear what?s going on in the next room, trying to piece out what?s occurring and what laws might govern it." Read more

The Proust Questionnaire, with George A. Walker

"Parrot (we met a mangy one in Mexico City that spoke in traffic noises)." Read more

The Conversation: Anne Fleming with Beth Follett

"One day a number of years ago, I saw a woman go into SFU Harbour Centre who looked exactly like my aunt Margaret would have looked had she not died in China the year I was born. Wouldn?t it be wild, I thought, if she had not died after all? That was the initial premise for the story." Read more

The Dirty Dozen, with Lauren B. Davis

"I pray. What/who the heck I?m praying to I have no idea. I call it The Ineffable. ?Effy? for short. Effy?s kind and smart and ENORMOUS. She assures me dogs go to heaven and, most importantly, she isn?t me. That?s all I need to know." Read more

On Writing, with Daniel Allen Cox

"It's wonderful to get into the head of someone who wants to escape. There?s a desperation that is inspiring to me, puts me into the state of urgency I need in order to write." Read more

In Open Book's magazine, publishing consultant Becky Toyne writes about tackling literacy in her piece, "First Books for Future Readers." Open Book's editorial intern, Ashliegh Gehl, went Beyond Diagnosis with poet Erin Knight.

Open Book writer-in-residence, Sarah Tsiang, continued her Susan series by interviewing Susan Glickman, Susan Ioannou and Susan Telfer. She also wrote about stalking poets.

To keep up with Sarah Tsiang, visit her writer-in-residence home.

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