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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

Whazamo! The TCAF Artist Series, with Paul Gilligan

"I got into cartooning because of a kid named Marco. He was the best athlete in my grade two class. I was the worst." Read more

Whazamo! The TCAF Artist Series, with Michel Rabagliati

Michel tells us — and shows us — that it's "the poetry one can extract from real life" that inspired him to start making comics. View it here.

The Dirty Dozen, with Zoë S. Roy

"I read Maclean’s. Whenever I open it, I start with the last page entitled “The End,” a full-page obituary." Read more

On Writing, with Bruce Livesey

"We’ve just had the credit crisis and the recession that had resulted, which continues to grind on. Meanwhile, the Canadian banks were being held up as this model of propriety and soundness. And I knew this was nonsense. I knew we had a huge problem with investment fraud." Read more

On Writing, with Andrew McEwan

"My writing is very research based. The processes of research and writing are hard to disentangle for me. I try to delve into the science, philosophy and literature of a topic while writing." Read more

Poets in Profile: Fenn Stewart

"If to be inspired is to be spontaneously energized, then I guess it’s always unexpected. I think for me that energy most often comes from other words bouncing around, from a certain rhythm, lyrics, notes in a song. Bright colours. Motes of dust, sometimes." Read more

The Proust Questionnaire, with Scott Chantler

"It’s my understanding that Adolf Hitler was something of a jerk." Read more

In the magazine, Open Book's Erin Knight interviews author Grace O'Connell about her new book Magnified World, rob mclennan profiles George Elliott Clarke and Dalton Higgins takes a look at Jan Wong.

Open Book's writer-in-residence, Susan Hughes, shares part two and part three of her "Views From the Bookstore" series and part two of her "Picture Book Authors Tell All" series.

To keep up with Susan Hughes, visit her writer-in-residence home.

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