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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

On Writing, with Robert Pobi

"I was a teenager the first time I went to Montauk β€” my father took me there to fish, and I fell in love with the place. And kept going back. As I got older, I learned that a lot of the artists I loved β€” people like Peter Beard β€” were drawn to the place, and it’s easy to see why." Read more

The Dirty Dozen, with Julie Wilson

"As a creature of habit, I recently learned to make poached eggs and now eat them at least three times a week, matching, but not surpassing, The Grilled Cheese Rut of 2010." Read more

On Writing, with Leah Bobet

"Nobody would mind if I only wore my pajamas to work there. Pajamas would be encouraged. Mandatory." Read more

Open Book's writer-in-residence, C.B. Forrest, interviewed Barbara Fradkin, explored the notion of everybody wanting to be someone else, wrote about author events and introduced us to Toronto author Michael Januska .

To keep up with C.B. Forrest, visit his writer-in-residence home.

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