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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

The Questionless Book Interview, with Melissa Bull

"At his/her core, a Writer is... an obnoxious show-off, a witness, a lover of sounds, a curmudgeon, someone concerned with the everyday, the ontological." Read more

On Writing, with Natalie Zina Walschots

"To be perfectly honest, heroes are boring. They are completely confined by a code of ethics — the particular morality he or she ardently ascribes to. In any given situation, a hero can only do one thing: the most correct thing, according to their heroic point of view." Read more

The Gutter Series, with Adam Sol

"I get a lot of writing done in coffee shops. This started when my kids were born, and I needed to get out of the house in order to do anything of use. But I still like the white noise of public spaces, and the small tables that force you to concentrate on just one or two things at a time. And the caffeine of course — an essential fuel." Read more

In Open Book's magazine, Nicole Baute explores Martin Ahvenus’s Village Bookstore.

Open Book writer-in-residence, Sarah Tsiang, wrote about the importance of exercise, ripping someone off and she interviews Sue MacLeod.

To keep up with Sarah Tsiang, visit her writer-in-residence home.

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